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Welcome! For someone who loves puffers, you've come to the right place. I know you already have puffers but if you go to the Aquarium Co-Op website there is a Faku puffer live cam named Murphy who is the mascot of Aquarium Co-Op. Very fun to watch! I've been wanting to get some pea puffers for my 10 gallon. How many do you have in your 10g and how do you like them? Enjoy the forum!

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4 hours ago, Rachie said:

Does anyone have any suggestions about Amazon puffers window surfing? Is it stress like in a lot of fish or boredom? 

Our amazons did surf for about a month when we fist moved them into the 90 gallon. On both sides. They've since settled in and now hang out inbetween the aponogeton or swim against the current at the back of the tank. 

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