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Help with guppy issue


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Hi all, 

I’m hoping someone can help identify an issue I’m having with one of my guppies. I have a female who started to appear very skinny, started to completely lose her belly. I added paracleanse per directions and been observing for several days, and although she’s still alive, eating and generally moving around ok, her body is now eel-like or snake-like and she “slithers” through the water. I’ve not been keeping fish for very long, just a couple years, and have never seen anything like this. 
I know it’s a long shot that it can be identified on my terrible description but I’m hoping someone will be able to shed some ideas. 

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Impossible to identify. An internal parasite or genetic issues would be my best "first guess". It could be stress or something else though.

Do you see any small red spikes or strings hanging from the vent of any of your fish?

Are others showing any similar signs? Or signs of bloat.

Tank size? What are the other inhabitants in the tank? And how many of each and of guppies? 

A picture of the tank and or the fish would be very helpful

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I have had the same issue. The best I could figure out, it was "wasting disease". I did 2 complete rounds of Levamisole from Select Aquatics and that really helped a lot. I am still seeing some dying off, but it has dropped waaaaay off. I think some of the fish were just too far gone for the treatment to do them any good. 

Here's the med:  


Levamisole medication

I hope that helps a little. There are others here who have used the same treatment for wasting disease too, and that's how I learned of it. Just a bit of warning, if you do the treatments, the med will very likely kill off your bacteria in your tank and you'll have to go through cycling it all over again. Mine is slowly coming out of that cloudy-clear, cloudy-clear cycle and I hope I'll be CLEAR sailing from here on out. 😉 

Alesha (akconklin)

P.S. By the way, your description was PERFECT! They do indeed look like eels slithering through the tank now.

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