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Top Fin Shrimp & Plant Oasis 3g Cube


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Anyone else love this little setup from Petsmart? I didn’t use the see through HOB (ugly) and added an established sponge filter. With a coupon stacked on top of sale price, got it for $36! What a great deal. Can anyone talk about their experience with the light


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On 1/14/2023 at 11:25 PM, Rita said:

Sorry I can't add much either lol. I came to ask you where you got your your gravel. I've been looking for a natural looking smooth gravel like that!

I was at the dollar store earlier and they have several types of gravel like that in the picture. It's marketed as decorative rock for succulent bowls and the like. It comes in smallish plastic box and I believe 2 of them would give good substrate depth in a nano tank (under 5 gallons). For anything between 5 and 10 of course you would need more boxes of the gravel.

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