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How to take faster, better pictures of bettas.


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Hi everyone. I'm interested in selling some of my bettas online but for that, I need some great pictures. It only makes sense if I can picture more than 7 an hour. If no postproduction is needed, I can get away with 5. My biggest problem is glare and getting that crystal clear image. Any help would be appreciated. image.jpeg.ab32a52eee0f087b0a5eb9b21d1599f8.jpegimage.jpeg.4e4e40e6390edb1dfccbbec9ef941afd.jpegimage.jpeg.4f943022b49c0fbcd5e1c80f8fbf5d0f.jpegimage.jpeg.ab20f91b91d048bbf52d21267c144dc0.jpeg

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Lights off in the room. Camera lens as perpendicular to the glass as you can. Clean glass. Turn off filters. Flash over top of the tank or add additional lighting to the tank for the photos. Fastest shutter speed as you can without raising ISO too high. Lower the aperture to  blur the background and create separation of the fish from it's surroundings. 

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Sweet, just tried some of those suggestions (no more lights for additional lighting, no special camera or settings) and I got some decent photos forsure. 

This male is what I would say show quality and I found a female from a different breeder and paired them. I'm curious to see how similar their fry will become.



This is the female to that show koi in the first pics. All of these are kings besides a couple females. 



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This is my Cadillac Betta. Not perfect coloring but still great looking and his size is crazy. I doubt it's a giant but it's the biggest king I have. He's about as long as my knuckles without the thumb and I'm 6,1. IMG_20230113_192627876.jpg.31275dd870d15a59355b47ff19cd84fb.jpg

@nabokovfan87thanks. I think that's what my friend does on her 4k phone. It over heats though.

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