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Gill flukes???


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One panda Cory has been flashing for a couple of weeks.  No one else in tank is flashing.  Every one eating great and active and fat including Cory in question.  

Two corys (going to get two or three more when this is cleared up) two hillstream loach and a Betta female.  In a 20 gal.

pH 7.5

Temp 77-78

Nitrites 0

Nitrates 5 heavily!!!  planted tank

Ammonia 0 

I just finished medicating with paraclense yesterday according to the box instructions.  One Cory is flashing again today.  What is the next step??  I ordered food with prazi and metronidazole in it haven't got it yet.  I still have paraclense too.  Only one fish has been flashing and he has red gills.  I think he's got gill flukes.  Please tell me what I should do next.  Thank you very much!!!!



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