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Non-return Valves and back pressure

Mr Gumby

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Just thought I'd share this

As most of you know back pressure on air pumps isn't great for longevity of the diaphragm (anyone running a big fish room off a linear piston pump can take that smug look off their face and I'm not jealous at all!!!!!)

Most of my tanks are close to each other so I can run a big gang valve so back pressure isn't really an issue but I do have one all on its own and using the 'use what you got' principle it's running off a pump that's really a little bit too big but not crazy. On top of that its under the tank so a NRV is required increasing back pressure even more.

It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago I could either bleed some air off or do this


So far I haven't noticed any issues with the pump and it possibly runs a little cooler and quieter but that could just be me patting myself on the back a little too hard 🙂

Anyway my fish room science says it reduces back pressure on the pump so it may be useful to other hobbyists with lone tanks like myself



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I cant imagine having two check valves reduce back pressure appreciably vs one.

I could be wrong, but;

In general check valves impose back pressure insofar as pressure required to open them.  Once open, the pressure reduction via airflow is not appreciable higher with increases of flow..

ie, having two in parallel is unlikely to halve the restriction….

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