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Hello, Meet Our Fish


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     Hi, my name is Tony Punch and I'm 42 years old and have been enjoying fish on and off since I was 14 years old. My wife and I live in Pennsylvania and we have 8 children but all but 1 aren't really interested in fish. Most of our tanks are right in our livingroom with lots of bracing in the basement. We are getting ready to add 2 more 125 gallon tanks to the mix also. We all enjoy having the fish in our living space where we can enjoy them. I'll even catch all my kids at times admiring especially the Oscar tank.

     This is the stand I built for my two 75 gallon tanks. On the top there is Lake Malawi Cichlids and an Albino Bristlenose Pleco. On the bottom there is two Bala Sharks, a Common Pleco named Kylo Ren(that a lady was going to throw in a PA river), an Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, a Green Severum, and Ray my Oscar. Please don't judge me on only having 75 gallon tanks for these fish. Everything in the bottom tank plus five silver dollars were in a 150 gallon tank but it started leaking. I'm In the process of building a double 125 stand exactly like this one for these guys.


20230109_201555.jpg.a46aa914589263755e5b8c537c682638.jpg    20230109_201333.jpg.6d1a33d6224d25c2483017377f0c63f8.jpg

     This next one is my wife's tank which is a 36 gallon bowfront. I've always been the fish person in the house until my wife was introduced to Mollys. I was hoping to share my hobby with her someday and Molly's made that possible. She absolutely loves seeing the babys when they're born, she searches everyday. When I'm done getting the two 125s set up these fish are going into the bottom 75 gallon tank showed previously. There is also a longfin Abino Bristlenose Pleco in this tank which she loves to watch. As you will notice we don't really use any live plants (except for Pothos) as they don't seem to like our really hard water or I'm just plant impaired. So please don't judge our bright plastic plants.


     Next is another 36 gallon bowfront where I put the 5 Silver Dollars I talked about earlier that were in the 150 with Ray and her buddies. There is also a Albino Bristlenose in this tank. Again this is only a temporary home, they'll be joining the Oscar in a 125 gallon tank soon. My biggest fear is being judged just trying to share my fish with all of you.


     Last is my 12 year old son's ten gallon Guppy tank. He's rocking the famous pineapple house and submarine. He absolutely loves fish and helps me every evening at feed time with all the fish. I help him with tank maintenance but he does a lot of the work himself. His favorite thing to do is watch them eat O-Nip Tabs. He gets nursing at night and the nurses love to look for new baby's. 


     Thank you for reading about our fish and I realize we don't have all the nice live plants like a lot of you do but in all honesty I enjoy fish and don't want to have plants to worry about. I think it would ruin the hobby for me but maybe not. Thanks again for reading.

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Welcome fellow Pennsylvania neighbor. I’m near York, Pa. My name is Kerry. 
This forum is one of the very few judgement free corners of the internet. Very kind, friendly and diverse folks here. 
I LOVE the yellow submarine. I’m so glad you take time to have fun in your hobby. I love frivolous fun aquarium decor. My fish are not really bright and got stuck in a few so I stopped using them. 
Live plants our our cruddy hard Pa water is doable but tough. 
What part of Pa are you from?

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Amazing looking tanks! The decors for each tank is so unique! Your oscar is gorgeous! I am a novice fish keeper and i have 2 bare bottom tanks (excluding a mini tank used as a nursery for my guppy fries). I have a couple of black mollies too. I am hoping my black mollies will start breeding soon. 😁

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