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Amazing duckweed radiation fighting super powers

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That is neat!

There's been an invasive lilypad overtaking Louisiana lakes for over a decade now.  Over the past few years, the strange weather has helped cull the lily population with cycles of summer drought & winter freezes.  Then the duckweed started growing like crazy, taking its place, and stopping light from activating those invasive lilypad roots.  But duckweed is less annoying for outboard motors and jetski/jetboat motors.  Super Duckweed saves the day!

I got this info from a wildlife & fisheries guy I know.  He's awesome,  like duckweed 😄

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Well this raises all sorts of questions….  How do you grow duckweed in a zero g environment?  Floating plants rely on buoyancy  and gravity to keep leaves emersed and roots submerged.  How do you keep thse parameters were water wants to form spheres due to surface tension?

And I can see Buzz Lightyear saddling up to the table and bemoaning,  “Duckweed?  Again?”

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