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Diary of a Driftwood Wrangler

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When I said hello in the welcome area, I was told you all like pictures. I am currently a lifetime hobbyist and have kept aquariums in my home, both salt and freshwater, most of my life. My grandfather was super big into gathering driftwood off the banks of our brackish watered bays and off the beaches along the Emerald Coast here in Alabama. Over COVID, I started watching a lot of hobby Youtube channels and came across Cory/Dean at Aquarium Co Op, along with several others including MD Tanks/Dan's Fish(Your Friendly Fishmonger lol)/Keeping Fish Simple/Foisy Aquatics/Sydney's Angels(recently)/Kaity's Cichlids and especially my Shrimp Idol, Mark over across the pond. Lately, I have turned my hobby into planted tanks but also beginning to keep/breed shrimp. Once I am moved into my new home, I will photograph and blog my journey of the fish room setup. One of the ways I have made side money over the last couple years to collect everything I need for my venture has been walking the beaches/bays and finding choice pieces of driftwood. The prime pieces usually exit the bay and blow up on our south shores, those include crape myrtle pieces everyone loves so much. 

Will start with 3 big pieces pre treatment so you all can have some pics. I'll drop more each week when I gather. The one pictured by itself is so unique and cool looking. Excited to see what it will turn out like after I treat it. 



@Fish Folk here ya go! 😁

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Oh wow, walking the beach collecting wood? That's the dream!

Interested in your treating method! If they're from brackish water originally I'm curious if there's anything special you have to do to make them freshwater safe! 

Beautiful pieces of wood too, might I add!

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@itsfoxtail Nope. My process is simple. I take it and brush it off with several types of cleaning brushes I have, get in the nooks and crannies to make sure any bugs or other debris is out of the wood. Then I very lightly scrub it with a piece of sandpaper, then it all goes in a tub I have which I fill with distilled water. I let that sit for a week or so to leech what tannins I can out of it while beginning sort of a curing. After that I add a little bleach into each container with distilled water/driftwood and let it all sit for about 15-20 mins. Pull it, dry and its good to go. 

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Thanks @Beardedbillygoat1975! Here you don't have to worry about it as much as long as its not on any preservation land area. Besides that, I am good. About to drop some pics of one of the places I go...went by for a bit today but the gulf was super rough and it was blowing about 40 mph I am betting. 

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This is one of the beach fronts on the gulf I like to walk, granted on much nicer days. But this time of year, even though the weather is milder, there are nearly no tourists so I have the beach to myself. I was able to find a nice piece just before I left, one other but it was super water logged and very heavy so I stashed it somewhere for when I grab my cart. 





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