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What is the EASIEST fish to add to your tank? (within reason)


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Half of me wants to make a fan club post for this fish, but let's just have a fun little chat about the question above and see if what I have in mind fits the bill.

PH Range: 6.8-7.8 (I've kept mine lower, for sure, without issues)
Temp Range: 72-82 degrees F (Definitely had mine lower and they are content to low 70's in my experience)
Max Length: 3-4 inches
Group Size: single specimen is perfectly fine and very common
Special Requirements: Just needs a chunk of wood

Any ideas?

Alright I'll give it up.  Let me start by showing a few, wonderful patterns:




While I won't say "go get this L number" I will say that if you ever see one you like, I do recommend checking out a species of Panaqolus plecos or "clown plecos" that are usually pretty easy to find.

They are easy to care for and the only real downside is the amount of time you might see them.

If you have a blackwater tank, definitely add one!
If you have a tank with a lot of wood, you can probably add a few!
If you like the way they look, add one!

What is really cool about these species is that they can fit a wide range of situations.  They just do their thing and they build up mulm much less so than a BNP or other species.  Generally they do stay small and they are like these little tigers you get to see rarely, but it's always fun when you do!

Can't say it enough.  Time to go stare at my tanks and go find mine. 🙂

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