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125 gallon lighting


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Hello everyone, I am picking up a 125 gallon this weekend. Question is, what lighting should I use. If the coop made a 72” then it would be a no brainer. I could add 2 36” lights, but I hate the idea of them resting on the glass. Would that make them crooked or slightly slanted? If so, then it will probably drive me nuts. I’ve owned the beamswork 72” but it wasn’t a very good light. Very subpar in every way. 
As for the stock, it will be planted with a ton of Java fern so it doesn’t have to be super high end. 
As for livestock, it’ll house:

8 Denison Barbs

1 Gold Denison Barb

4 Blue Pinoy Paraiba Angelfish

7 Geophagus Pyrocephalus

1 Albino Geophagus Pyrocephalus

10 Congo Tetra

Long Fin Green Dragon Bristlenose Pleco

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@TheSwissAquarist The wooden slat is an idea, but I’m looking for a much more clean look. I’m probably going to have to go with some sort of hanging light. I am not concerned about the stock levels. Aqua advisor is a guide at best. There are too many factors that aquaadvisor just doesn’t take into consideration. To be honest, it’s probably been 7-8 years since I’ve been on that site. Thank you

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@TheSwissAquarist totally understood. If you can’t factor in plants, then it’s mathematically inaccurate no matter how you dice it, so it doesn’t give me much peace of mind. In my experience, if you’re on top of your water maintenance and pay close attention to your fish, the likelihood of something going wrong reduces dramatically. And if it doesn’t, this is all one giant experiment. Thank you dude, your input is appreciated

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I'm running 2 36" co-op lights on my 125, works great!. Sitting on the glass is fine, since they are close to the middle strut. And, they aren't over the top heavy.

No noticeable slant with one end on the lip and the other on the glass. ( i was worried about this too since I had to modify my old finnex lights to avoid this.) The "legs" are very short, which also keeps the light shining into the tank and not blinding me on the outside of it!

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