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Urgent: New Plants arrived today New Tank still has ammonia

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I'm cycling a new 29 gallon tank. My new plants arrived today and need to be planted. But I'm not completely cycled yet. I do have back-up tanks, if necessary to temporarily plant or float, but there permanent home is to be in the 29 gallon tank. I'm watching Cory's video on "Cycling a planted tank".

My substrate is stratum and eco-complete spread in areas of what plants need each substrate. I set the tank up on 1/6/23.  I used some cycled media in my filter and a cycled sponge filter. I added almost a full bottle of Fritz Zyme 7

I tested on 1/7/23: 

Ammonia .25, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 20, pH 7.0, dGH 10, dKH 6.  I added Fritz Fishless Fuel to see how fast is would process. I brought the ammonia up to 2ppm. 

I tested on 1/8/23:

Ammonia 1.0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 20, pH 7.4.

I tested today (1/9/23):

Ammonia 1.0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 20.

My ammonia level that I spiked to 2ppm's came down to 1ppm in 24 hours. 

The plants that need to be planted are: 1) Cryptocoryne Tropica 2) Cyptocoryne Wendtii Red 3) Scarlet Temple 4) Red Dwarf Lily  5) Red Flame Sword and 6) Java Moss.

Is my ammonia too high to plant them? 

Should I plant them in one of my other tanks temporarily? 


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I had plants in every tank I've cycled, and I never showed any ammonia. NitrItes? Yes, but ammonia, no. Either my ammonia strips are defective, or the plants kept the levels so low my strips never picked them up - my theory at least. 

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Pretty sure plants can utilise ammonia directly it just takes them a little while to adjust

Whenever I have to QT anything I always throw in some floating plants along with a cycled sponge filter and never had any spikes

New display tanks get fully planted before I even fill with water as its just plain easier and saves the wet sleeves

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