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Question about EZ Root Tabs

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On 1/12/2023 at 12:45 PM, Ricklax96 said:

Has anyone had an issue with Corys digging them out of the substrate? I had the same issue with them floating so I did the pin prick trick on both ends so they filled with water quickly and no longer floated. After setting them in the substrate I would come back to see them dug up. So I stayed and watched next time and found the Cory cats digging them up and trying to eat the gel capsules. So weird and I wonder if anyone else has seen something similar?

Me! I've since capped my Seachem sand with cheap decorative gravel

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What kind of substrate do you currently have? I have ADA Amazonia in my tanks and what I do is take my finger and poke a hole in the substrate all the way down to the bottom of the tank. The hole stays put long enough for me to put a root tab in and then I cover the hole...and root tab...with the substrate. I've never had one float to the surface and didn't even realize that was an issue until I read this thread. That seems easier than poking a hole in the capsule.

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