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New Fish: Dwarf Cichlids, Miniature Anabantids, and Baby Cyprinids

Fish Folk

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Got some new fish in my little fishroom. First are those most recently born here: Mountain Redbelly Dace. Adults look like this…



Today the 3rd batch all “arose” from the bottom…

The dace fry will do no more than 1-month in this tiny tank, then move to larger digs.

Now, I also recently reorganized a few things in my Discus tank. I sold the last pair of Rams I’ve bred, and two beautiful but unpairable discus at fish club this weekend...


The volume of Discus is much more balanced now, and I think that I have three pairs. But my LFS store asked if I wanted some Apistogramma Agassizii. I got about 8x juveniles, and set up little coconut huts…

I’m just going to play a long game. I may  eventually sell off the SAEs and BNPs as they mature. Wouldn’t it be crazy to get a colony of Apistos going in this tank??

Now, at fish club Saturday, I didn’t intend to buy anything. But when a bag if Microctenopoma ansorgii went up for auction and no one was bidding, I suddenly realized that this might be a way to break my Anabantid breeding strike-out record. They’re so stunning when adults are in full breeding dress…


But size wise, they’re no more than 1.5 inches. If you took a Paradise fish, shrunk it, and added the temperament of a sparkling gourami, with a more Apistogramma-like benthic / cave preferece, you’d have these pegged. They do breed in bubblenests when mature. I had to set this tank up in a hurry, but I think it will be a fun project…

Winter is really when I tend to start new projects.

Now… I have two 29 gal. cold-water tanks currently unstocked. One I hope to leave grungy, and turn into a Elassoma gilberti breeding paradise…


The other… probably _ought_ to stay empty for grow-out… 🙄

But I could easily cave in to the right cold water NANF suggestions!

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On 1/9/2023 at 12:07 PM, TheSwissAquarist said:

How the heck did you get those Microctenopoma?? I have a friend who’s been looking for those for ages! Now I can wind her up with it😆… Would you say that your LFC does good swaps/auctions? 

I've seen Microctenopoma ansorgii for sale _once_ at my LFS. He messaged me, "I've got this little weird fish. You interested?" I couldn't at the time. Then I heard that a guy in my fish club bought a bunch of them online here. He started posting loads of blog posts about them. There was absolutely no way they weren't coming home with me when I realized what was being auctioned off.

Yes, our Club does very orderly auctions. We have several auctioneers who sell items very convincingly. I'm actually going to _try_ to start helping as an auctioneer sometime. I'm not paranoid on my feet, and have talked for a living for many years.

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