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Discus white spots


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Parameters are ammonia 0.25, nitrite 0.25, nitrate 10. Temperature 84F P.H. 6.8. One of my discus have some white spots, is this ich? I heard Discus doesn't really get ich as the temperature in the 80s usually kills ichs. I think its ich because when I added community fish into tank without quarantine them before hands and also when I was acclimating the fish, the bag went in the tank so the water in the bag got mixed into the tank. I have a bottle of ich-x to be ready to use and just want to double check from the forum if it is ich before I apply the medication.







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 what I would do is daily 30-50% water changes till your ammonia and nitrites constantly stay at zero stress caused by the ammonia and nitrite even in small amount will affect your fish immune response during treatment it could be ich what I would do is monitor for a day or two if you see more spots on any of your fish then I would treat with ick x and add a small amount of aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 10 gallons as ich causes massive electrolyte loss and the salt will add back in essential electrolytes @Minh

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