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Hi. I would like to stock up on medications. I have two questions.

(1) What is the difference between Maracyn 2 and MetroPlex?

(2) Which one is better for treating dropsy?

So far I have lost two fish to dropsy or something like it (cases unrelated) and kanaplex did not work in either situation. Hopefully I don’t run into this disease again, but I want to be prepared for an emergency.

Thats all.

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Maracyn2 active ingredient is minocycline it treats gram negative and some gram positive bacteria metroplex active ingredient is metronidazole treats gram negative aeromonas bacteria and Hexamita the parasites linked to hole in the head disease it can be used to treat velvet it's less effective then copper based medication it's say you can use metronidazole to treat ich from what I have read it isn't a good medication for ich I wouldn't recommend using maracyn2 if your fish have pineconing that can be a sign of polycystic kidney disease or a kidney infection maracyn2 can impact the kidney when their not working at a 100% with dropsy link symptoms I usually recommend treating with kanaplex in food  its a good antibiotic treatment for kidney infection that can cause fluid buildup aquarium salt added to the tank or Epsom salt baths to reduce the fluid buildup and metroplex to treat the tank as it treats aeromonas bacteria that can causes some of the symptoms associated with dropsy @FyaNyan

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