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TDS, Calcium, and GH for Shrimp is confusing.


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So, I have two Planted tanks with neocaridina shrimp. Both have seemed very healthy for the past 2 months I've had them shrimp added, but recently had 1 death. The thing that's bugging me is everywhere I look to get a good idea of proper water parameters gives numbers all over the place. No one can tell me a proper calcium level. My TDS stays above 250 just to keep any Calcium in the water. My GH usually stays above 10 drops as well since I use wonder shells for calcium. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is how much calcium do I actually need to keep in the water and how do I keep it without turning the water into liquid rock. 

Tap Water: 

PH 7.2 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0  KH PPM 17.9  GH PPM 17.9  Calcium PPM 0  Phosphate 0  TDS 23

Tank 1: 6 Gallon Betta, 5 cherry, and 4-5 recent baby shrimp.

PH 7.6  Ammonia 0  Nitrate 0  Nitrate 5  KH PPM 35.8  GH PPM 107.4  Calcium PPM 40  Phosphate 1   TDS 278

Tank 2: 20 Gallon, 9 Neon tetras, Betta, 13 shrimp, (One recent unknown death), 2 otto's.

PH 7.8  Ammonia 0  Nitrate 0  Nitrate 50  KH PPM 53.7  GH PPM 125.3  Calcium PPM 60  Phosphate 0.5  TDS 292


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