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Bolivian rams are easiest to sex if you can view their vents (behind the anal fin). Small, pointed vents indicate males. Large, blunt vents indicate females. If you have difficulty seeing them it may help to put them against a dark substrate/background, especially since yours is very stressed and its colors have been washed out.

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9 hours ago, Rebecca Kim said:

Have not been able to see its vent yet. And why do you feel this fish is "very stressed out"? It is new to the tank, but eating well and being dewormed as I write this. 

Bolivian rams tend to lose color extremely quickly when stressed. It also has some mild stress stripes (the horizontal grey ones). Paracleanse/General Cure are moderately stressful treatments so I'm not surprised, I don't expect the ram to look like that long-term. It took a couple of weeks for my newest ram to get color (it was exposed to ich so there was 2TBS salt/gallon in this tank). At the point this was recorded at, the ram has no symptoms of illness, but it did end up with some cysts down the line and looking a lot more like your fish due to the added stress.


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The one in that video is a male. His vent is visible but VERY small. That little zebra angel is an adorable little fathead, it's got a giant appetite and always begging for more food lol. I had to pull the worm feeder cone out of the tank because it would always bop the cone between feedings when it wanted food.

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This nub I circled in red the vent. I have a hard time telling but if it appears very blunt I'd say you have a female. That's what I lean toward right now because of how visible the vent is from a distance! My final photo is an amazing photo of a female's vent if you would like to compare.



Cichlid-Forum • Sexing Bolivian Rams

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