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75 Gallon Lighting Preferences

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Starting a 75 Gallon planted tank - if cost isn't a factor what are the functional pros and cons of doing a full span 48" light versus 24" on both sides of the support.  This is the largest tank I've done so looking to get the community input before I drop the money. 


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Doing two 24" will leave you with a dead spot in the middle which is fine if your 75g has a brace in the middle. If you're using a rimless tank without any brace then better to do a 48". The middle part will still be lit due to the spread but not as well as having a 48" light. One more thing that I like about having a 48" light is that you have less things to plugin and less things to worry about setting up (timer and app if applicable). I also prefer not to take the attention away from the tank and having one light just looks more aesthetically pleasing.


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2 cords/plugs, timer, app issues are the downsides. But IMO upsides include more lighting options such as over lapping if you want 1 area with higher light, or a high light and low light sections I also see 2 lights as cheaper start up if you buy plants/light in 2 separate purchases. Or if one breaks its cheaper to replace 1 unit rather than a 48" light. Personally, I would go for 2 just for more design options

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