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Camentana pike cichlid

Stephen Zawacki

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Hey guys so I have a question I just got a camentana pike cichlid, and one of the issues I’m having is there is literally no info or pictures of them, I did get some info from fish folk which I’m grateful for, but any additional would help for example, what color do they get, and also any other additional info would be great.

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Here are two photos that are supposed to be Crenicichla cametana



Obviously these might be manipulated before their upload. I think this species is mostly brown. Some light-colored two-part lateral “stitching” is visible, as are dark lateral body markings.

If you can persuade your pike to add some foods high in carotenoids (e.g. chopped krill… adult artemia… etc.) the best colors may appear for you.

Now, if you can cuff it, I’ve uploaded a Dutch scientific journal to the Forum files:

As Gandalf would say, “Keep it secret! Keep it safe!” Or Kuiil… “I have spoken!


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