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Since I'm grounded Bringing 150 gallons back to life


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  I'm retired and was traveling around in an RV, but circumstances has change that for a few years I figure.  So I'm bring my 150 gallon tank back to life.  Would like to do the same for my 14,000 gallon Koi pond but to much involved and would have to rehome the Koi again once I hit the road.  Just trying my best to do things right from the beginning.  Going to take my time and cycle tank before introducing fish.  But also got some new equipment. lets fire off a few questions, just radomly.

I have the Fluval FX6 filter and bought the sponge filter to put on the intake, what do you use to reduce the filter hole down to the intake pipe size?

I was looking at the Current USA serene light with the underwater led background light but my take has a build in Blue background so can not use the opague screen they supply.  Has anybody udse the light against a colored bround and does it look ok?

Last but not least, if andf when I get back on the road, does anybody know how to make an RV friendly aquarium?

There is an introduction, I'm 65 married, in NJ.  Travel around in a 45' 5th wheel toy hauler with a small zoo.  2 guinea pigs, 1 Sugar Glider, 1 Kinkajou and 3 dogs.

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Welcome to the forum. For your Fx6 question. I remove the strainer, and use a piece of vinyl tubing around the pipe to create a grommet, that the sponge will catch onto. Only takes like a 3/4 inch long piece of tubing on it to make a catch for it to stay on. 


You can see the process I do for another filter here: 


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