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Can we give this guy some advice


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I'm not really sure what to tell them but they seem to care about their goldfish. It sounds like they're keeping the fish in a 10 gallon which is obviously too small but how big of a tank would they really need for those fish? Also the fish should have grown in size after a year right, or maybe they just have big hands? 

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For the goldfish and tankmates, I'd recommend around a 35 - 45 gal. Depending on how large the other fish he got that he doesn't know the breed of, it can vary. For a completely happy goldfish I'd recommend a 20 - 30, but with the barb and the 2 unknown, I would want to safely bump the gallons up to 35 - 45. If he could share a photo of the unknowns it would be easier to tell. Hope this helps!

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