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Snail eating duckweed


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I know a lot of people despise duckweed, but I like it. I admit it can get out of control, but I have a large turtle who is thrilled when I give him the excess to snack on. I have a lot in my African dwarf frog tank. The tank has 5 frogs, 2 mystery snails and a bunch of ramshorn and pond snails. I have noticed the mystery snails eating the duckweed as well! So, if you are frustrated by duckweed in your tank, there may be someone in there who really loves it as a free and plentiful snack, lol! 


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Bladder snails will eat it too, at least the roots. I had some duckweed in my 75 ahead of any livestock when I was setting it up and the roots got significantly longer than I'd ever seen before. I moved everybody over and they went back to staying short fairly quickly.

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