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Imaginary Game - Plant Spree Edition


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You just won one order of plants from the Co-Op.  Be real, what would you get, how much, and if you feel like it.... why?

I am currently watching a video of a massive plant order (yep, donated for a YT video) and all I can think is of some hobbyist who could never have that opportunity, what they would do with a "free order".

Go for it, let's have some fun!

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I'd get more Dark Red Ludwiga. It's the fastest-growing plant in my tank. It's a stem plant that thrives with only liquid fertilizer. When it reached the water line, I clipped half off and let the cutting float around until it grew roots. Nice red coloration in low light (Fluval LED 3 with Day Sim set at 10% output in 40 gal breeder) and no CO2. image.jpeg.8c596864ca721c90698140c3e58a2009.jpeg

On 1/5/2023 at 3:45 AM, TheSwissAquarist said:

At least 4 tiger lotus bulbs

I planted this in Nov '22 and this is all the growth I've got. image.jpeg.86695f7c279ee22022d52d6716ffc5b7.jpeg


On 1/5/2023 at 9:20 AM, smm333 said:

Mine's just beginning to flourish after a couple of months, sending out roots to anchor itself. image.jpeg.0b391ae2fbff8184aeeea0b0077e18c3.jpeg

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One of each variety of crypts they have in stock. 😄 My Ikebana scape's crypts are thriving more than any other plant I have ever attempted to keep. I didn't even know plants *could* look this good in my excessively hard water. So I'm hoping to add a bunch of crypts to the 20gallon at some point, but money right now is an object with a wedding I'm attending in April (and have to buy a plane ticket for). So for now, I will eye the ones I have in the 6g and see if I can maybe propagate a few to the 20g.

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For me, I would break down one tank, get the 75 setup, and move everything into there with some added plants.

3-4 pots of scarlet temple.  I would like to get it setup and see how it does this time.  I've never had success with it, but want to.

Tiger Lotus:  I need one of these for my non-HoB tank to provide some vertical cover.
Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily: Same as above, would like to try both, never have kept either.

4-6 pots of Bacopa Caroliniana:  One of my favorite plants when viewed from above, both tanks would get at least one pot, with a big bush of this in the 75.

1-2 pots of Abonogeton Crispus: I would like to try it, never have.

6-8 pots of Micro Sword:  More on this choice later, but I want a short, grass like plant, for the use with shrimp and fry.

1 pot Crypt Parva:  Small enough where I think I'll like it, would like to try it.

8-10 Dwarf Hairgrass:  Yes please, I need a good amount of this.  I have tried several times to get a carpet, finally have all the knobs right and want to give it another try.  Majority of this goes in the 75 with 1-2 pots into the other tank with the pandas for the sake of trying microsword vs. DHG to see which works best.

Hydrocotyle Tripartita 'Japan':  1-2 pots, I would like to try it. I have a big rock I'll wrap with this stuff.

Crypt Pink Flamingo: 1-2 pots.  I want to try crypts, this one looks nice so it makes the list.

2x Java fern: For the low demand tank, I have some ferns in there now, they are slowly recovering and adapting, but I have never kept java fern before.

6-10 pots of buce black pearl:  This would be one of the main features of the tank, I would really like to scape this and see what I can do with it.

1-2 pots of Ammannia Gracilis:  Never tried it, I like the design, would like to see how it grows and what it looks like in my water.

-4-6 pots of Nangi:  I love it, love the shape, want to get a feature of this going. 
-7-10 pots of Coffeefolia:  Isn't that the dream right there?  I just enjoy this plant and would like to get it back, thriving.
-6-7 pots of Hastifolia.  One or two of these in the low demand tank with that vertical cover mindset.  The rest would be a focal in the 75G.  Never kept it, one of the plants I wish I could have tomorrow any day / any time.
-3-4 pots Nana: Just a great size and variety of anubias.  This is for scape details.  A lot of mine has died, and so I'd like to get it replaced and thriving.
-5-6 pots Nana petite:  Same as above, amazing plant and perfect for scape details.  I would really like to get a bush of this going or make this plant a visual focal.  On my last scape I used nana ass a focal, but I had petite as an accent.  Both work really well for either.  Having more time with this plant, I appreciate it a lot more.

Wish / Request:
-Hygro Pinnatifida:  5-6 pots.  Again, a massive visual focal and I need to get some more of it, Especially if we are talking a good scape in the 75g.
-Nobilis moss:  Used to be in stock, but it hasn't been in quite some time.  I would have to have a tank set for this (done) and it would have to grow on it's own with just shrimp.  Then once it's a bit bigger I can use that to add it to the display tank.
-PSO, but not as big.  I like Pogostemon as a species, but the specific octopus variety is so easy to get to overrun the tank.  I would like one of the smaller varieties. (see video below)



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On 1/5/2023 at 12:07 PM, JJenna said:

You're tempting me to create my own Ikebana scape. First step, find the perfect bowl!

It took a while to find one! I decided it had to be dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe for me to be comfortable with it in the tank long-term. 😆 but I think it turned out well. Here's a recent photo! (Please ignore that it needs a top-up LOL.)


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