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Background Plants for 10Gallon Tank

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I got a 10 gallon tank.  Currently has a couple of different forms of java fern with red cherry shrimp and two endler live bearers.  I plan to add a couple more ender live barers or maybe a smaller tetra (ember or green neon.)  

Anyway, I was looking for suggestions on what are some good background plants for a 10 gallon? klajsdfa

(That last part was from my cat who is very interested in fish keeping too.)

Thank you

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I hate to disagree with a fellow member, but I wouldn't recommend jungle val for a 10 gallon tank.  It can easily get 3' tall.  Cryptocoryne spiralis (https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/live-plants/products/cryptocoryne-spiralis) would be a good alternative.  It looks similar, but won't get as tall.

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I have a cryp wendetti, vals, temple plant, and pearl weed in my 10. I do inject a touch of C02, but so little I'm thinking of removing it. 

The crypt in the left is pretty much a background plant now (and the fav hiding place), but it takes awhile. I do have vals and like they way they can easily form a canopy of sorts. I also needed a faster growing plant when I was starting this up. 

The tank needs a trim but you get the idea:


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