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New Betta wall progress

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So, our old Betta wall was really nice (maybe the best I've seen), but it was taking about 1 hour everyday to siphon them clean. So I learned auto water changes aren't everything.

This new wall siphons all the debris that falls to the bottom like Betta boo boo. Now we just need to swap and siphon one bin a day which should take about 5-10 min. Water quality is a huge concern when raising giant koi Bettas for their color and size. Let me know what you think.

Maybe 1 more day for the whole 40 to be replaced.IMG_20230101_230835.jpg.1cc84bc9944f84f7ac04ac3726d2d725.jpg

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Yeah, still not the best pics. That's definitely my lowest stat. I need to upgrade.

They just went through a vigorous 2 week methylene treatment so they lost quite a bit of color. But now the new system should be pretty clean. Hopefully they bounce back in a couple weeks or less.

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Finally got some more into established breeding tanks. Here are some pic of the current "to be" fathers of my next batches. They're all kings so there some of the biggest I've seen in any store. This next batch might come out a little smaller but that's cause I'm adding more of the colors I'm looking for and i only have smaller ones of those. Id says about 2 or 3 gens later ill have some nice, show quality colors. P.S. I still suck at betta pictures. If I had an idea to easily get good pics, I'd probably start to sell online. suggestion would help. image.jpeg.c6dcadd35c1d9a04897c68018a771dcd.jpegimage.jpeg.b2f593000f0a426d87b5cb3d98c67f1f.jpegimage.jpeg.e05e44be277a9efb4a8721a98e6ed01c.jpegimage.jpeg.abd513c986204613d5b5f9861de3c2dc.jpeg

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