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Question about switching lights around on my tanks


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Hi there! I have a planted 20H with a 24-36 Current Satellite Led+ set to the preprogrammed purple tint. (makes my crypt redder 😉 ). I also have a 15L with a 18" Optibright.  I want to set up a 10g betta tank and move the Optibright to that tank. I've picked up a 24" Stingray recently and I'm trying to decide which of my existing tanks to put it on. Would the brightness of the Stingray be better on the 20H? My 20H has ancient flora max substrate, low - medium plants, and no CO2.  15L has an ancient arkansas dirt with gravel substrate that I recently added about half of inch of sand to for my Habrosus Corydoras. Similar mix of plants and no CO2.

The Val is shooting runners left and right but they haven't gotten very tall yet. I just did a trim and root tab so I'm hoping everything will start growing better soon. 

20 High currently

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I would suggest that if you put the new Stingray on an existing tank, don't change anything else (stocking, feeding or fertilizer schedule, etc.) for two weeks or so; that way if anything goes wrong or right you'll have more confidence to know it was the Stingray and not some confounding variable.

But generally I'd want the brighter light on the taller tank, because light intensity falls dramatically with water depth.

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