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Worm found in aquariam


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Hello guys i have found this worm its about 1 inch long in my substrait and don't know exactly what worm it is any help would be great. i,m in Aus i have a planted tank with black neon's, amber tetras, shrimp and a bristlenose catfish.



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looks like some form of roundworm.

If that's the case you'd want to treat the tank with levamisole (expel-P), blackout the tank for 24 hours. Then heavily siphon and clean the substrate.

What do you think @Odd Duck

EDIT: For reference. here is a blackworm
Live Californian Black Worm x 50 (Lumbriculus variegatus)Fish Food Aquarium  | eBay

Here is a list of roundworms

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So hard to tell.  It doesn’t obviously strike me as a parasite but I can’t tell just from a visual on this one.  There are far more nematodes that are free-living and not parasitic compared to those that are parasitic - only about 10% are parasitic.  That could even be a young red-wiggler worm that hitched in on a plant.  Unless you are seeing worms or fish that are too skinny, I would probably just watch closely for the slightest symptom.

If you did deworming while your fish were in quarantine, then there should be pretty minimal risk of parasites.  If there was no deworming during quarantine, or the fish were obtained from potentially questionable sources, I would do some deworming with Levamisole if you can get it.  Just to be on the safe side.

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