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Gamers respond to fish questions


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I play world of warcraft. Lately, when I get bored, I've been asking fish questions to see how people react. There is a chat were anyone in a main city can use so there's a large amount of people. It's not really known for people giving helpful answers to anything but mostly trolling. I thought people might enjoy some of the answers I've gotten. I decided to ask questions a new fish keeper might ask. 

Q:  I just got a fish tank today and my guppies are staying at the top in the corner. Are they ok?"

I was shocked at how many people did respond "is your tank cycled?"

One person however said "turn the tank upside down and then they will be at the bottom"

Q:  "I got a guppy to be friends with my goldfish but I can't find it. Where did it go?"

A:  "Your guppy is now poop"

Q:  "I got a Nemo fish to be friends with my goldfish. It's swimming upside down. What should I do?"

"Your goldfish hurt your clown fish"

"what's a clownfish?"

"a fish that writes jokes for Fallon"

Another person "yes, he's Australian "

I kinda enjoy this little experiment. I might continue. 

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I keep trying the Nemo fish one and not getting good responses. I think not enough people realize it's a saltwater fish. 

I did get a discussion going tho and some interesting comments 

"Maybe try lemon pepper water"

"Isn't salt water poisonous"

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