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Cardinal Tetra Problems


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There are two cardinal tetras in my tank showing sings of disease.


One of tem have a scar/bump like thing at the end of its body where tail starts.

Photo 1

Photo 2



The other one is breathing heavily and pale. It's not as responsive as others

  • pH=7.0
  • Nitrates=20
  • Hardness between 7-14
  • Nitrite=0
  • Ammonia=0,5 (having doubts about this, using prime)
  • KH/Buffer=10
  • Water Temperature =77 F (25C)


Any ideas?

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Hard to say, have they ever been treated with anti parasite in the past? The one bump could just be a cyst. However the heavy breathing in the second clip makes me think there could be something wrong. Could also just be a numbers game where when you have 20 tetras, things can happen like kidney failure and such, cancer and others that just have low chances to happen regardless of what we do as aquarist. 

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Hi Cory, 

They have been treated with seachem Paraguard. We do not have many options over here Sechem stuff and some sera meds.

Forgot to tell that all these fish are new( two weeks). Actually the number was 22 and I lost two in the first two days.


Should I seperate these two, Just in case?




UPDATE: The heavy breathing one died.

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