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DIY Aquariums


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Where I live, at least from the glass companies I've called, it really doesn't seem to be cheaper to build my own. For me, there were only two pros to building my own 90-gallon aquarium: 1) It was the only way to get a tank bigger than 75 without leaving town, and 2) I could make it a nonstandard size that perfectly fit the space it was going in.

So to build this 55 x 17 x 24" aquarium, I spent a little over $600 on half-inch glass. I might've been able to go 3/8" glass and save some money, but a 75G aqueon tank during a Petco sale is a hundred bucks. And the cost of my glass would get you a full 125G kit with stand from Petsmart.

Is it as easy as people like Joey make it look? Probably not on your first try, but it's also not a total nightmare even for a large tank -- I'd imagine it's a cinch if you have one or two helpers.

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16 minutes ago, MaxM said:

1) Did you worry that maybe the silicone might leak or worse the tank might collapse?

Absolutely. I kept it outside on the stand I built for almost 2 months, full of water, to make sure it would hold up. It's now been in my bedroom for 10 months with no issues. I still wonder on a regular basis if I'm "out of the woods" in terms of early failure. This is my first DIY tank, so if this one holds up for some amount of time, maybe 2 years?, then I'll have a lot more confidence in my abilities.

20 minutes ago, MaxM said:

2) I assume that tank is very heavy. How will you be able to move it if you ever need to move?

It weighs about 200 pounds when empty. I imagine I'll have to move it out the same way I moved it in: with medium difficulty and a whole lot of trepidation.

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