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DIY 5 gallon bucket pond filter


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So I took the idea from Cory bucket filter and change it a bit more 


So its 2 5gallon bucket on top of each other.

Top one is all sponge running down to 2 3/4 bulk head, which lead to the bottom. The top bucket also have a extra 3/4 pvc hugging the side as a overflow just in case all the sponge get clog up.


The bottom connect to the top 2 bulkhead.2 3/4 pvc runs all the way down to 1 T each. The T is there to make sure the water always have a clear way out. It have 1 ...1 1/2 in the middle cut just a few inch shorter than the bucket, so the water will over flow out into the pond. 2nd bucket is all lava rock. So the water have to travel all the way down the 2nd bucket and all the way up before leaving. Pvc size was just base off max gph.


The whole idea is to remove the top for cleaning without messing with the beneficial bacteria in the 2nd bucket.


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