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I need to grow algae, please help.

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Leaf Zone is potassium and iron and that’s it.  It’s not a balanced fertilizer, so I suspect you’re missing some nutrients.  Try Easy Green with those light levels and it should get you closer to what you want.  Here’s a chart for you that gives a breakdown of ingredients and proportions of some of the most commonly used aquatic plant fertilizers.



You could also overfeed a bit to get more nutrients into the tank.

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On 12/29/2022 at 7:26 PM, BettaFishCO said:

@JoeQIm looking for hair, diatoms etc. Anything for hillstream loaches.

I'm not sure about diatoms, but my hillstreams won't touch hair algae..... I have triggered green dust/green spot by massively over dosing macros,  but between my loaches, otos and nerites I can't keep it in stock! 🤣

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@JoeQI use those for feeding but this is my breeding tank so i want lots of micros and algae for them to choose from when there born. i usually like to let the fry grow for about 2 weeks without any processed foods. It might not be true, but I currently use it as a pre cull. If they can't hunt and forage, then their probably weak already. 

Good news is about half the rocks have algae now. should be ready in about a week or 2. I want it almost solid green. 

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