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Quarantine Trio


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 Hello @Kiera welcome to the forums!

I do not know, but I do think the standard response will be that it has not been tested and so we can't verify it will work.

On their website this is the sheet for that product and unfortunately we don't know what is in it.


Based on that, I would hesitate to use it during the trio application.  This doesn't mean you can't use it, but what you would want to do is to use the normal QT Trio soak method, then go ahead and give the tank a few good water changes, run carbon, let the fish rest for at least a few days.  Then go ahead and use the other medication. Based on what is on the bottle itself for the oxy product, I believe Ich-X will cover a lot of what the med treats, but not everything.  So the "fungal / cotton" issues is what you'd use Ich-X for sometimes.

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I have an electric blue acara. He had some ragged fins with white around the edges and a chunk missing out of his tail (no white) I didn’t realize the other acara in the tank reached maturity and started picking on the male. Not sure if it’s fungus, fin rot or just damaged from bullying. The original guy I treated with Maracyn and ich x and he has almost healed. However his friend, was scraping non rocks and swimming with clamped fins. 

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