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Bristlenose Plecos


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I have two plecos that used to live with a goldfish. Since I've rehomed the goldfish to a larger tank, the offspring of the plecos are surviving. I certainly cannot maintain infinite plecos. 🙂 I'm estimating I've got about 4-6 months before I'm going to need to find homes for plecos every couple of months. I'm completely clueless here as to what I need to do, and I want to get ahead of this. Is there some special transport people use? Would most stores take the fish as a donation? Or would it be easier to 'sell' the fish, and if so will I need to get some sort of business license? I want to keep my life simple and provide the best for the fish. I'm not concerned about the money or recouping expenses.

I've posted pics of mom (albino) and dad (spotted). 



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Most non chain stores will taken donations, some will give you credit or cash. Growing them to a 2 inch size or so increases that chance. As for transport, a bucket like 1/3 of water and a battery powered air pump and air stone is the best that I've found.

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