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Hello All


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Hello all,

New to the forums as I am getting back into the hobby after a 15 or so year hiatus. 

Last time around i had a 3 year old Oscar, a pair of Fire Mouths, a pair of Jack Dempseys and a Synodontis Cat.  Unfortunately when we left for a vacation i unplugged the filtration system instead of the PC and when we came 10 days later the tanks were black sludge and the house reeked of death.  Of course it was rather traumatic! Shortly after that we moved and by the time I was ready to get back on the wagon we didn't have the space.  

Fast Forward 15 years and I am able to start up my tanks again. at the moment i have

1. 20 high with 6 Sunburst platys a Clown pleco, 3 Hillstream loaches, and 15 or so ghost shrimp.

2. 20 gallon long with 7 Dalmation mollies (3 are fry), 2 Otos, 15 shrimp, and a couple of snails.

3. 10 gallon with a Koi plakat betta (the most docile betta i have ever seen!), 2 Panda corys 4 shrimp and 2 Mystery snails.

4. 3.5 Gallon with a Dragon scale betta (my wife's) and who knows how many ramshorn snails

5 5 gallon that my mother got for a High School graduation present in the mid 60's that i use for plant storage and snails (my wife has decided she adores snails to the point she was willing to give the molly fry to the betas as a treat but is constantly pulling out the baby snails so they wont get eaten.)

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What kind of snails do you have? Are they at least cool looking? We have ramshorns and my wife will often say "You can't get rid of that one! It's so cool looking!"

I've heard ghost shrimp are really fragile. Have you had any issues with them just randomly dieing?

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