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Tank conversion


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    We have a 40g community tank which I’d like to convert to a live plant tank. How do I ensure the fish do well in the transition? I have Platys, Mollies, neon tetras, some Corydoras, a Pictus catfish, and mystery and Nerite snails. I have so many questions. Main one would be, is this something I can pull off in one shot (substrate, planting) in one shot while the fish are moved elsewhere, or should I leave the fish in and slowly add substrate and plants over several days and weeks? The health of the fish is top priority. 


Thanks in advance for any tips, and Merry Christmas! 8C615EF2-EACB-4684-99CD-B3922C4929BF.jpeg.b7e6a6faea4940d2f2fa0ec94d98f391.jpeg

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This is from the last time I had to swap substrates. It's a lot easier than most people think and it sounds daunting, but no biggie.

Take all the decor out. Plants stay wet. Keep the filter media wet as well. Get a tub, considering the size of the tank as opposed to a single bucket. If you have to use multiple buckets that works too. Try to have a towel or lid and then divide the fish out.

Put them into a quiet place where shadows and the buckets won't get knocked on. Adding an air stone is helpful as well.

Clean what need be, then rinse the substrate and add that in. Fill the tank back up, turn the filter on, let it run and then add everything back.

Essentially can be done during a water change!

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