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If you could only have one type of the following Top 10 for the rest of your fish keeping hobby, which would you have to have? 

1. Fish (1 single fish or 1 type)

2. Invertebrate 

3. Plant 

4. Aquarium Size

5. Substrate

6. Hardscape (ex: Driftwood, Castle)

7. Light

8. Filter

9. Tool/equipment (ex: Magnet, Gravel Cleaner)

10. Liquid or solid additive of some sort (ex: detoxifier, root tabs, fertilizer)

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I'll bite: 

1. Fish: Rasboras

2. Invertebrate: Nerites

3. Plant: Java Fern (followed very closely by Anubias)

4. Aquarium Size: 40 gallon (though I've never had one)

5. Substrate: Gravel

6. Hardscape: I appreciate a well made ceramic fish hide (castle, freeform, whatever)

7. Light: A light with a timer, slow ramp up and down is nice, I'm not picky. 

8. Filter: Sponge

9. Tool/equipment: Nano Water pumps

10. Liquid or solid additive of some sort: Would have to be Prime or Fritz

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My mom had an old 90’s castle in her aquarium that housed two Raphael Cats. It was the coolest castle I had ever seen. We would do tank maintenance and the catfish would spread out their fins and would never come out. We just left it alone and over the years it got an old greenish brown tint to it which added a lot of character. I often wonder what she did with that thing lol. 

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Oh man I love fun stuff like this but this one seems hard. Imma give it a go!


1.  Uh...this isn't fair!!!  NOOOOOOO!!!!! *vanishes*  .    .    .   .   .... .. ...... .... .. .. .    .   . *pokes head out*  damn you're not gone. FINE!!!!  I I'm struggling between cories and guppies but cories have kinda become my thing and I think I need to embrace that I'm a cory gal so imma go with cories. Does it have to be a specific species of cory?  I hope not!! *vanishes again before you can say yes*

2.  I was going to say hands down mystery snais but then i remembered that shrimp help hatch the cory eggs. If I have cories I have to have shrimp so I go with shrimp. Neo blue shrimp to be exact. 

3.  I don't even know the name of it but I've fallen in love with this ludwigia I have. It would def be my choice. It would be a good one for cover for fish, grows at a decent, although not fast, rate, and its leaves are an amazingly cool shape. Maybe someone can help me id lol. Here's a pic: 


4.  Eventhough I don't even have one, def 20 long. Very versatile. I debated saying 10 gallon because there's many breeding uses for 10 gallon but you can just divide the 20 if you have to!

5.  100% I'm still in love with the first substrate I got when I got serious (aka after getting the cheap gravel) and that's the imagitarium gravel. I really like that stuff!

6.  I enjoying my dragon stone right now. 

7.  Haven't dove deep into different lighting enough to answer this

8.  I am a fan of the hang on back. 

9.  Siphon

10.  Prime. 



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1. Ottos!

2. Red cherry shrimp! Reason I got into the hobby in the first place. So peaceful, good cleaners and fun to watch!

3. Vallisneria. Seems to be the only plant that really thrives in my tank. Spreads like crazy and super easy to trim. I'm going to attach a photo of what it looks like in my tank currently.

IMG_7104 (1).jpg

4. 75gal is my first and only aquarium.

5. Really enjoy using and working with CaribSea's Eco Complete. My rooted plants all seem to be doing well. The initial planting is a bit tough but as long as you have patience it wasn't too bad.

6. Driftwood, rocks..anything that looks natural.

7. Fluval Plant 3.0. Only light I have experimented with and it's given me 0 issues.

8. Tidal 110. Only have great things to say about this filter. Quiet, easy setup and seems to get the job done. I also have a fluval cannister filter for my turtle tank which I love as well.

9. A good set of aquarium tweezers and scissors. 

10. Easy Green products all the way!

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  1. Tetras 
  2. Amano
  3. Anubia or PSO
  4. 75
  5. gravel
  6. Slate, volcanic, or other stone
  7. Shop/utility light
  8. UGF with powerheads
  9. Siphon
  10. Easy Green

So many possibilities! I'll stick with what I think is the most practical, or what I have more experience with until somebody changes my mind.


On 12/21/2022 at 11:08 PM, xXInkedPhoenixX said:

6. Hardscape: I appreciate a well made ceramic fish hide (castle, freeform, whatever)

I could live with a well designed castle/ruin, or other artificial hardscape, but I've only seen them in other peoples photos, never in the stores.

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