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java moss dry start on floating driftwook?

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I have watched some youtube videos that show how to start java mixed with greek yogurt to dry start it, while misting it. The yogurt helps keep the mold at bay. I am also waiting for some large pieces of driftwood to get waterlogged and sink in my 55 gallon tank.

I was wondering if wood soaking in my tank might be moist enough for this method. If I could get the java moss to start on the sunny side up of the wood, I'm thinking it might spread on the wood after the wood sinks. I'm not sure how long it will take the wood to sink. It sat in the sun all summer. I'm also not sure what kind of wood it is. The bark and branches were gone when I found it.  I'm adding photos now.

There are 2 pieces floating in my tank.











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I think @Odd Duck has a really good dry start method with moss.  Yogurt I would not touch in my tank.  I haven't heard that before and can't comment on what it will do, but I would stick to the other methods I've heard before putting that in the tank.

When it comes to the wood sinking, it's hard to tell which piece is which.  I would look into cutting it and maybe even drilling some holes or something to let water in.  Depending on size and shape, some pieces might not ever sink.  Hopefully it sinks soon for you!


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On 12/18/2022 at 10:58 PM, KittenFishMom said:

It was rather tricky getting each piece in. I'll give them some more time and if they don't sink, I have a pile of other driftwood I gather in the spring to try. 

Interesting.  Hopefully it sinks.  I would drill some holes if it doesn't sink before giving up on it.  I can try to find a guide if that helps.  A lot of people use slate tiles for stubborn wood too.

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@KittenFishMom, check out my 100 G angelfish tank link for more info on my dry start including some things I would do different if I ever do another dry start.  Bearing in mind I used Fissidens moss specifically because I wanted slower growth so I would have less maintenance, better moss grip to the wood, and for the look I was wanting.  Java moss grows faster so the amount of gelatin I used might suit it better than it did for the Fiss.

I will probably always attach slate pieces to any new wood that doesn’t sink in a few days after what happened in my 100 G nanofish tank when I released the zip ties from my driftwood that had been weighed down and soaking for over a year.

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