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Adding a light to 36g bowfront


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The hood that came with my 36g bf has a light in it but it's not as bright ad I'd like it.  I have an extra finnex light that will fit but I'm not sure if it should go towards the front or the back.  Thoughts?

Also I hate this hood but I can't find a replacement that fits. 



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My suggestion is put as close to the center as you can to get the best spread of light. Also attached is a picture of my 38gal bow front. The top on it came with it but I have seen them for sale separately as well. You can just do internet search to find them. 


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@starsman20 I don't know if this will fit your tank, but it's worth checking out. The black plastic hoods in my opinion just don't give you enough options.


Versa-Top Hinged Glass Tops Keep fish and water in your aquarium where they belong.Our glass tops are perfect for reducing evaporation and keeping fish from jumping out of your aquarium...

I'm a firm believer that every tank needs a good hood something like the above. If the above one works, for about $40 you have a good component for lighting your tank.

The new LED lights radiate light in an inverted V shape with the angle being dependent upon the LED's used.

Once you have a hood like the one above, you can move the light forward or back until you get the light 'thrown' on what you are trying to light as best you can with what you have. If you can remove the 'built in' LED light, use it to add more light to your tank in the areas you need a little more or to fill in a dark spot.

Good luck lighting your tank!

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I found something on McMaster-Carr which may help. Its a rubber edging with a built in flange. It's black and hopefully won't be too ugly. There is a range of sizes. If you go this route I hope you fine one that fits.


McMaster-Carr is the complete source for your plant with over 595,000 products. 98% of products ordered ship from stock and deliver same or next day.

under "edge trim" search for "Water- and Weather-Resistant Rubber Push-On Seals with Foam Rubber Wiper"

I LOVE McMaster-Carr. They may not have exactly what you want, but they will have at least one thing that will get you very close. Their shipping is fantastic (pre COVID). I especially like the engineering specs they add to their part descriptions and added descriptions for the categories of things. You can learn alot from this info.

Look around while you are in there. I'm sure you will get inspiration for a project or two!

Good Luck.

PS If you can't get enough, MSC Industrial Supply is like McMasterr, but has more.


MSC Industrial Supply is the source for your metalworking tool and MRO needs. Over 1.5 million products from industry leading suppliers in stock and ready to ship


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