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Tell Me About Pseudotropheus Saulosi!


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I find these fish (as well as shell dwellers) absolutely fascinating! I want to know from those who keep them..,

1) how many (minimum) should be kept together

2) tank size

3) water temp, ph, etc.

4) what they eat, tank decor, tank mates etc.


By all means, flood me with any and all info!

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I keep them, and I have a few videos on them that you can find on my channel.

1) I would suggest starting off with 6-8 juveniles. Your colony will grow from there as long as the fry have small hiding areas.

2) I originally kept mine in a 40B, and then later moved them to a 75. I have plans for another colony in a 55/60. I would suggest that 40B is ok, but 55 or larger is better, as they can be quite active and territorial (males).

3) Like other Lake Malawi fish, they do better with harder water and higher pH (over 7.6 is ideal). Tropical water temps, so between 76 - 80 degrees.

4. They are dwarf mbuna, so their diet should have a high concentration of vegetation/algae based foods (like spirulina flakes, algae, duckweed, cooked zucchini), as well as a quality pellet or flake food. You can actually see them cleaning algae off of a rock in my latest video. As far as tank mates, I keep them as species only (to keep the line pure) besides some snails. Tank decor should have open swimming areas, with A LOT of rock work and cave areas (mbuna prefer rocky scapes like they have in the wild). Additionally, the rocks provide cover for the fry to hide, as I mentioned above.

If you go to my forum profile and click on the header picture, you will see a Saulosi tank just above the chair in my fishroom.

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