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African Dwarf Frogs


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I while ago I posted that I was strong up a 5g in a bathroom to encourage my daughter’s potty training. I was able to get a sponge filter running so I decided to add some extra residents, 2 ADFs. The tank now has the betta, frogs, a MF pair of short fin guppies, and a single ramshorn.

I don’t know much about ADF, is this set up ok for them or do they need something to perch on at the water surface, what about hides, I see one of them going under the drift wood a lot and the other tucking himself under the sponge filter, should I set up another spot to hide out in?

so far o have been target feeding them with bug bites but I’m not sure what their diet should contain, any fish protein or veggies?



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We’ve been keeping them for a few years now. They’re fun little pets. You tank looks good to me, they’re full aquatic so they don’t really need anything to sit on, but they do seem to appreciate some floating plants on the surface. They might eat the guppy fry, but maybe not so be prepared for some babies. 
Here’s our tank



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