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Floating mystery snail 🐌


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I think something is wrong with 2/3 mystery snails. One is floating and the other one has some discharge from its foot and not as active as usual.

The third one is fine. 
***snail #1 (floating) and snail #2 (black) are the same age, and #3 is their offspring. 

I noticed there aren’t egg clutches either….perhaps bc it’s winter? 

the tank looks lucious and clean, (except for some black bears algae that I’ve come to like hahahaha. 

I also have 2 “rabbit/elephant” snails which seem fine. 




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I’m sorry about your snails. Pull your floating ones. Touch the foot you should see retraction and smell. Floating while hanging out of the shell is often a sign they have passed. Floating is also a sign of poor water for them or excess hunger but they usually close up to do so. It is a defense mechanism to float to a more hospitable area. 

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Hi! Thank you so much! 
I thought that the water is fine. I did a strip test, and everyone else is fine. I also changed 25% of water a few days ago.

I also feed alternating  frozen blood worms, cow heart, and shrimp, vibra bites, little ball pellets that are for loaches, and crab cuisine; maybe they need like greenery…?

it is not dead. 

The black one is fine. 

And my rabbit ones are fine too 

mayen just end of life? 

I put it on a lily pad and fed it nori 

hard to see from the glare. 








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Feed them blanched green beans. Zucchini or any veggies.  You cannot tell age of them by size so perhaps it is end of life. Always sad but I treasure the time they are with me. 
Akso any parasite meds or no planaria can affect them. Their body composition is similar to worms. 

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