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Any effective swim bladder treatments?

Hally M.

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I walked into petco today for a quick minute trip for dog toys and I saw this little guy. Normally I don’t buy my fish from petco but he looked so miserable so I had to purchase him. He’s in a 2.5 gallon temporary quarantine tub right now and definitely seems to have some swim bladder issues. In the past I’ve never had success with treating swim bladder fully and have had some fish pass from it as well. I added a teaspoon of Fritz aquatic salt and some botanicals for tannins. Where do I go from here? His heaters temp is set to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. He’s got a sponge filter and I bought a thermometer to make sure the temperature doesn’t fluctuate. The obvious necessities but I just wanted to clarify. I have the full med trio on hand and more if needed. Parameters are 0 for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate as I just did a water change for him. Ph is 7.8 and Kh and Gh are somewhat high. I have well water here. 


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