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A New Soon to be Fish Keeper, has arrived!


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Hello, I am EnderRen, (Ender or Ren also works lol), I am super excited to start keeping fish! I have just ordered my ten gallon tank, and have been flying down the fish research rabbit hole. (I swear I have spent so many hours just researching fish, the cycle, and so much more). If you could give me some stocking ideas (because I don't have enough already lol) for my ten gallon that would be really appreciated!

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Welcome! You're definitely taking the right approach doing research  before getting fish 

Careful asking for stocking suggestions or you may end up wanting more tanks to fit more tires of fish.

But more seriously, what are you interested in? Someone easy to breed so you can try your hand at raising up baby fish. Bright colorful fish that are cool to look at. One or two bigger fish vs many smaller fish.

Personally, those lyretail killis from that list @JJennashared are on my list of fish I want to try. Most killis are brightly colored and are used to living in ditches and puddles so they're pretty hardy.


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