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Weird slime on lily bulb

Terry M

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These pics are of a Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily bulb that I got and placed in the tank last Friday (6 days ago). It's a brand new planted tank, still cycling, no fish. Just starting to see a bit of brown diatoms—other than that, no algae. The bulb still won't sink, so I figured I'd let it float until I could see any growth. So far however, all I see are these spots on the bottom that appear to be a milky type of slimy substance. 

Can anyone identify it and, if so, advise me on it? Is it algae, bacteria, fungus? Good, bad, indifferent? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!




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It looks like normal bacteria that can grow on surface like wood, etc. I would try giving it a light squeeze under water to see if it will sink. Sometimes it can take a week up to 3 weeks for leaves to pop out. If after a couple of weeks, try flipping the bulb over (assuming that it has sank by this time and is on the substrate). If you still don't have luck after all of this, I would recommend contacting customer service. 

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