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Lesion on Ranchu's Wen?


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Okay, just noticed this on my white Ranchu Artie today.. is this a disease or just an injury? What can be done to help it heal?

There aren't any sharp objects in the tank that he could have caught it on.. only sand and large smooth river stones...Help!


Edit: Parameters look good.. nothing particularly odd with that. He is swimming around and eating fine as well.



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On 12/15/2022 at 12:37 PM, Colu said:

Looks like an injury he could have got trapped between something in the tank I would add some aquarium salt 1 table for 3 gallons and monitor for week if you have l Iive plants I would quarantine and treat salt at that level can harm your plants @EVoyager31

I guess thats possible... just hard to believe.. so odd. 

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