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Light spot on flagfish's back of head


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water temp = 78.8f

Ammonia = 0

(NO3)PPM =50

(NO2)PPM = 0

Hardness (GH)PPM above 300

Buffer(KH) PPM = 0

pH = 6.4

@Colu Please let me know if you think this might be contagious. I was going to hold my last 10 guppies in this tank while the person who is getting them gets her tank cycled.

Received fish via mail about 2 weeks ago. I have had them in quarantine 10 gallon tank (cycled guppy tank, no guppies), I have been feeding and observing, but have not done the Quarantine trio yet. Hoping I might not need too because they are young and from a private breeder, with minimal exposure to pathogens.

Yesterday I noticed the KH and pH had dropped so I added crushed coral and did a partial water change with aged aerated  (ammonia = 0) well water. Today I noticed one of the 6 fish had a light spot at the back of her head/neck. I don't think it has changed shape or size. It looks off white, but there are IALs in the tank. I don't think it looks fuzzy or shiney or swollen.

I netted all 6 of the fish in a specimen container to look for any spots on the other fish. They all were frightened and were hard to photograph. I did the best I could.  I was hoping having them together would help calm them. They are back in the tank now. I got 12 photos. I cropped 5 for this post, but can post more.

This tank has a dish 1/2 full of sand and lots of filtration and some driftwood and plants and snails. I can photo the tank if that would help.

I have been feeding bbs, Xtreme nano, sinking pellets, and every so often a few Vibra Bites. everything in the tanks looks normal, except for the spot. the fish are feeding, swimming, hunting, and patrolling as normal. Snails are snailing around, plants look fine. A bit of hydra from the bbs, but I have stopped them when I saw the hydra.





most of the group, one with spot top left



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Glad to read that you are addressing the buffer and pH.

Maybe the spot appeared due to stress? It could also be a mild abrasion (from transport). I would suggest dosing some Maracyn or using some aquarium salt to help mitigate any bacterial infection just in case. 

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@Zenzo and @Colu The spot on the flagfish looks a little bit bigger, but not by much. Should I do a 5 day treatment with the maracyn? I added some aquarium salt (2.5 teaspoon for 10 gallon) and Equilibrium (1.5 teaspoons), and a wonder shell, as well as one packet of maracyn last night. The KH came up but the pH is still 6.4. 

Our OR system is up and running today, I could do a water change with RO water with equilibrium in it, or not change the water because I started the maracyn. The Ammonia and NO2 are still zero.

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I would try to raise the pH. Water change doesn't hurt, as clean/fresh water is better. Just try and make gradual changes so as not to shock the fish. I would also suggest the full treatment of Maracyn as directed on the package. 

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On 12/15/2022 at 8:29 PM, KittenFishMom said:

@Zenzo the maracyn box says no water changes for 5 days of dosing. Would 2 gallon changes each day be OK? it is a ten gallon tank.

I would keep a close eye on your parameters and only do a water change if you notice any ammonia or nitrite spikes doing treatment 

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On 12/16/2022 at 1:38 AM, KittenFishMom said:

@Zenzo and @Colu It turns out 4 of my 6 female flagfish are males. They are getting aggressive and will be trying to hurt each until I can get them rehomed. I wrote an email to the LFS tonight and hope they get to a new home very soon. I'm going to go rearrange the tank to erase their current territory lines. 

That just unlucky changing the sight lines will help reduce aggression in the short term till you can re-home them

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