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Need a plant to camoflague my air filter

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Since I started my tank, the intention has been to have a plant to block the air filter. Though I have gotten some other plants to grow, everything I have tried for this purpose has died. What recommendation do you have as a natural wall that wants hard alkaline water?

Plants I tried so far that have failed-

Plants currently growing in tank-

  • Moss ball
  • Java Ferns (2 types)
  • Amazon Sword
  • Vallinsineria
  • Red Root floaters
  • Moss
  • Anubias


Tank Specifics:

29 gallon tank, 2 years old

gravel bottom (dirt underneath) - enhanced with root tabs

Recent Tank Metrics:

iron copper nitrate nitrite hardness chlorine alkalinity carbonate pH ammonia
0 0.5 25 0 120 0 128 180 9 0


Fish in tank are:

Rasboras (Harlequine)



Cherry Barbs

Panda Corys

Kuli Loach

Amano Shrimp




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I think someone should go into business making painted/printed tri-fold screens to put in front of sponge filters. Sort like old style room dividers. Maybe printed on silkscreen fabric, netting glued to frames. the water could flow through, but the picture would hide the sponge.

They could be landscapes, or still life, I think a big bowl of fruit in an underwater world would make someone look twice.

How does a steam locomotive with the rising air billowing out the smokestack? 

Maybe a Roman Candle fireworks with the bubbles being sparks?

Or make a Right Whale blowing bubbles?

I'm just trying to get into a better mood.

I bet some well place driftwood and a few rock would hide a sponge filter without blocking water flow.

a cave like opening in front of the black sponge would give the impression of a cave, with lots of depth.

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Ludwiga Repens would be a good option, especially if you put together two bunches of stems....it has grown to the top of my tank faster than any other plant. Ooops I gots a runaway floater photobombing the pic!

Ludwiga Repens.jpg

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