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Hemichromis bimaculatus

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Christmas came early. I decided to try out a new breeding project: Hemichromis bimaculatus (Jewel Cichlid). I’ve admired this species awhile, but never had the right space to try them. I got a more turquoise-cast group.

From my LFS, I bought 6x. I’m guessing 3x pairs, but they’re very difficult to sex…


Here’s their destination tank, a 29 gal. Cleaned out, replanted, with added shells for spawning…


And here’s their first tank tour…


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Spectacular fish, and they should be easy for you. I had some in the late 80s and Early 90s, and it was hard to get then to not breed. At one point I had them in with a Jack Dempsy and it actually worked out, but they didn’t breed until they had a tank to themselves. I know they’re not true mouth brooders but it’s fun to watch them gather up the fry in their mouth. 

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